Amateur Radio:

VK3HN - Great builder of QRP rigs, always good stuff here!
DK7IH - Much like VK3HN, Peter here is a master builder of small low power radios.
W2AEW - Alan's work is well known among hams, but his videos are spectacular.
SolderSmoke Podcast - Exactly what is sounds like.


Hobbit's Techie Rants - A blog of many topics, but always worth a read!
Control Booth - Forum for all things technical entertainment!

Engineering / HAB:

Dave Ackerman - Fantastic resource for high altitude balloonists!
AVA Project - More excellent balloon tracking work, and some raspberry pi things.
Rosetta Code - A project for solving problems in multiple programming languages.
EEVblog Forum - Don't turn it on... take it apart!


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