Will Keyser, portrait

What you can find here:

This website is home to all of my thoughts and ideas! This includes a little blog of camping trips and amateur radio experiments.
Additionally, you will find some information about who I am and how I might contribute to your next project!

If anything on this site turns out to be helpful to you, please send me a quick email!
I'd appreciate any and all feedback on my work so that I can continue to improve.

I realize this page is very simple and may not be the prettiest website you've ever visited. I'm okay with that!
This classic HTML style was inspired by other fantastic websites such as my grandfather's site VTWI,
an old school auditorium page from a friend of mine, Hobbit's techie-rants, and of course BigClive.com.
If you like sites like these, you might like other pages I have listed on the Links page!

For more information on what I do these days, check out the About Me page!